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Machine Learning for Personalized Medicine at the 2016 AAAS Annual Meeting

Posted by: MLPM-Admin 8 years, 2 months ago

Professor Gunnar Rätsch and Professor Bertram Müller-Myhsok represented our “Machine Learning for Personalized Medicine” network at the renowned AAAS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, on February 13, 2016.

Our network was selected and invited by the European Commission to talk about precision and personalized medicine as a “topic of importance to society”. Our supervisory board accepted this invitation with great enthusiasm and sent two representatives to talk on 

  • Applying Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling Techniques to Biological Data (Gunnar Rätsch)
  • Deciphering Major Depression and Other Psychiatric Illness (Bertram Müller-Myhsok)
  • Integration of Biological Knowledge and Genomic Data to Identify New Disease Genes (Bertram Müller-Myhsok, Florence Demenais)

The AAAS Annual Meeting is a widely recognized global science gathering, bringing thousands of scientists, engineers, policymakers, educators, and journalists together to discuss the most recent developments in science and technology.


Professor Gunnar Rätsch, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, USA / ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Professor Bertram Müller-Myhsok, Max Planck Society, Germany